Smuggle hope into Syria

Last month in February 2012 was begun an another Avaaz campaign to collect money for the Syrian cause. As the title saying “Smuggle Hope into Syria” some of us already know what was actually smuggled (and still continue) to Syria since and during last year by many participants. The following chapters below the video are copy and paste from Avaaz web site where is very obvious mentioned about the smuggling medical equipment and journalists in and images and information out.

These journalist which are illegally in country, these journalist been photographed with terrorist, rebels from Libya and Al-Qaeda members in past and now again. These journalist where working for NATO propaganda on Libya last year or in past on Iraq and Afghanistan. And in another hand did anyone of you heard about the supplements of medical equipments in Homs or Hama by Avaaz or by anyone else? The mainstream media repeating the shortage of medical support there all time. Do you really know what purpose and where the money go thanks this donations to Avaaz? It seem to me like another scam similar to Kony 2012.

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