Fracking in Australia

Fracking is a commonly accepted term for hydro-fracturing, a process where water, sand and millions of gallons of toxic chemicals are injected into the earth at high pressure.

The aim of hydro-fracturing is to fracture rock formations deep underground in the hopes of liberating natural gas that would be otherwise inaccessible, and to bring it to the surface.

With hydrofracking, a well can produce over a million gallons of waste water that is often laced with highly corrosive salts, carcinogens like benzene and radioactive elements like radium.Other carcinogenic materials can be added to the waste water by the chemicals used in the hydrofracking itself.

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Frack Off

Protests in USA

July 28, 2012: Protest in Washington, DC against the natural gas hydro fracking extraction process, its massive deposit of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, and the devastating effects it has on the land and communities.

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Protests in UK

Early Saturday morning anti-fracking campaigners climbed 500 feet to hang two banners from the iconic Blackpool Tower raising awareness about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas spreading to the UK. After successfully hanging the banners, the two climbers were sprayed with a pressure washer by Blackpool Tower workers while they were hundreds of feet above the ground. Both protesters were arrested when they descended.

“The UK fracking industry is in its infancy. We must act now if we are to stop it in its tracks. It’s bad for Lancashire, it’s bad for the UK and it’s bad for the planet.”

Blackpool Tower is five miles east of the first fracking test well in the UK. The group is highlighting the issue and launch of an anti-fracking campaign centred around the website

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Massive farmers protest across whole EU

Europe’s dairy farmers are feeling the squeeze – they say big business is forcing milk prices down to below the cost of production. And they say they’re getting nowhere with their EU MPs, who they accuse of following the corporate herd.

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About 50 farmers protesting against milk price cuts blockaded the Asda chilled goods depot at Magna Park, Leicestershire. The farmers gathered at what is one of Europe’s biggest retail distribution parks at 9pm on Tuesday, 25 July. Other protests saw dairy processing plants blockaded at Ashby de la Zouch, Market Drayton and Leeds.

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This was the first protest by around 300 dairy farmers in Bridgwater in Somerset.

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and continue…

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Riots in Anaheim

Residents of Anaheim have clashed yet again with police following the weekend shootings that killed two men. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the center tossing rocks and bottles at police and ignoring warnings to disperse.

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It seems to me to be exactly same beginning of the riots as happened in London almost one year ago. Along about that time the police shoot to dead one local guy in Tottenham and protesting people just wanted answers.

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World largest protest in Mexico

World largest protest against electoral fraud in Mexico – 7. July 2012. This protests are organized by the people and not by a political parties. The PRI party is trying to minimize the protests.

“This is a message from the Global revolution to politicians,dictators and plutocrats all over the planet. Surprised by the global disobedience?”

Protests are censored by the media in Mexico. Spanish subs video here

“The people shouldn’t fear the government. The government should fear the people.”

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Occupy Bohemian Grove

In the US, Occupy protesters have descended on a quiet California redwood retreat – where some of the world’s elite gather every year. Demonstrators say the two weeks, officially portrayed as a time of rest and relaxation, is really a chance to discuss plans for the world’s future. RT’s Abby Martin at Bohemian Grove to see what triggers those rumours and growing protests.

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