Occupy News Network – live from outside Ecuadorian embassy London

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From camcorders, smart phones to Laptops, we provide most of our own equipment, but due to constant use, and occasional breakage, especially during demonstrations, we urgently need your assistance.
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We believe alternative forms of media are vital in a world, which is dominated by state, and corporate controlled media.

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We maintain, update, and promote occupynewsnetwork.co.uk. We look to form meaningful relationships with those who contribute. We use as many mediums as practicable to ensure that stories have an impact.

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The Mexican YoSoy132 is not dead

The youth movement #YoSoy132 shook-up the debate before Mexico’s presidential elections in July. Now that the ballots have closed, #YoSoy132 is trying to find its footing in the nation’s political scene. Students like Santino Bucio, a #YoSoy132 spokesman, still organize nationwide marches, accusing president-elect Enrique Pe

LE 22 – canada caserolle revolution – click to continue

Nightly demonstrations opposing Quebec student tuition hikes and the provincial government in general have taken place in the province since February. The passing of the controversial Bill 78 became a major factor in the protests in May. In March, the 22nd was chosen as a day for larger afternoon protests in addition the ongoing nightly demonstrations. May 22nd saw as many as 400,000 supporters take to the streets in Montreal. Although numbers have since dropped, thousands of people continue to show up on this day every month. Even larger demonstrations are planned for August and September, in light of a looming provincial election and the return to school.

Thanks Nicolas James for the video