Madrid Spain riot police new targets – Journalists

On September 25, 2012 there was a demonstration in order to surround the Congress. This action ended in a police charge that led to the riot body to enter the near Atocha station to hit and shoot the protesters and had retreated, which could be a police action of doubtful validity.

In this context, several members of the press were identified, attacked, threatened and probably reported by riot members who refused to turn to give his identification number even carried. This video chronicles the assault on journalists.

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9 Minutes of amazing footage with more attacks on journalists and some footage from the metro attacks. These are the kind of videos the police are trying to suppress.

Police Agent Provocateurs been caught on video by media cameras inciting violence at the #25s bailout protests in Madrid Spain.

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Occupy Wall Street 1st year – Happy birthday

From Sept 15-17th Occupy Wall Street gathered in lower Manhattan to commemorate one full year of actions. The three days where broken up into a day of education, a day of celebration, and a day of liberation. Occupy Wall Street participants used the anniversary to show that they are still active, organizing actions everyday all across the city. Those in attendance made clear that their movement is far from over.

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Extended TEASER from the full length video, premiered @ the Aarau Festival [Switzerland] and screened @ GAM-PUMALAB [Santiago] in September 2012.

[ENG] ACTIVISTA! is a conceptual project of photography, audio and video and texts developed by Citypulse and portraying social movements that multiply throughout the world, gaining a decisive role in the expression of citizens locally and globally.
The work is structured trough the eyes of 44 artists from 16 countries, who build a multicultural registry of the movements from an experimental perspective. This testimony includes a printed and digital edition, a video, a photographic collection, a website, augmented reality and geo-localized platforms with the audio and video material.

[ESP] ACTIVISTA! es un proyecto conceptual de fotograf

Nigel Farage about EU muppet’s fanaticism

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage provided a much-needed dose of reality to the peculiar pontifications of Barroso’s state of the union speech. Concerned at the fanaticism of Europe’s ever more concentrated power-base, summed up by his interpretation of Barroso’s call for a federal union of states: “while the nation state should continue to exist, it mustn’t have any democratic power”..

Nigel Farage goes on to deride Mario Draghi’s unlimited money bazooka – though we suspect Farage’s belief that “money doesn’t grow on trees” will soon come into question day after day..

Super Mario as much as implied that he “will fight to the last German taxpayer to keep the Mediterranean countries, that should never have been in the Euro, in there,” but for a sense of just how ludicrous things are becoming in the EU, this clip is important as he reminds us of Monti’s (monstrous Mario) recent statement that “nation-state democracy will bring down the European Union”..
Farage fears this rumbling facade over a crisis could go on for a decade, we can only hope not – one way or another…

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Santiago de Compostela demo


The demonstration in Santiago de Compostela Galicia Spain, for the umpteenth time we Galician citizens speak out against the policy of the PP government cuts, with the excuse that the crisis is destroying quality public services. Such services have taken years of struggle to get them, now that aims to privatize govern us to benefit their business friends. Defend what is all defend it public.

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