27th revolutionary October in Italy

On the streets of Riva del Garda in northern Italy police and protesters have clashed. The violence erupted during a nationwide demonstration against Prime Minister Mario Monti and his government’s anti-austerity measures.

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Il 27 ottobre tutti a Roma per riprendere i nostri sacrosanti DIRITTTI e mandare via dal potere Costituzionale … LADRI. CORROTTI, CORRUTTORI, MAFIOSI, ASSASSINI, PUTTANE, MEZZE SEGHE ecc ecc …nn scrivo nomi per nn sporcare il web! Cittadini, compagni…TORNIAMO COME CITTADINI con i dovuti valori diritti e doveri!

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Blair Projection

This was a site specific projection of a short fil loop shown outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London the day before Tony Blair was due to give evidence at the inquiry at the Chilcot into the Iran war. The film was a 12 second digital animation on a continuing loop. We were able to show the film for 45 minutes before being asked to stop by the management of the building we were projection on. It was made in collaboration with Beverley Carpenter, Cat Picton Philips and Peter Kennard and supported by Stop The War.

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Czech Activists Accused Madeleine Albright For The Bloodshed

During the promotion of a book by former U.S. secretary of State, Madeleine Albright at The new Luxor Palace of Books – Prague, Czech Republic 23.10., there was a general turmoil when the activists of the “Friends of the Serbs in Kosovo” organization asked her to sign the posters and CDs with the photos of atrocities committed over Serbs.

This was followed by a fierce reaction of security, and this association activists were attacked both verbally and physically. M. Albright although she tried to feign indifference and calmness, jumped from her chair and started shouting at attendees to get out. One of the participants, and a member of the Association of Friends of Kosovo Serbs, Daniel Huba, when asked why they were here today, responds:

“From the position of the USA Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright pushed for the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. when NATO planes bombed without a UN mandate. She also supported the jihad in Bosnia during 1992-1995, and the manipulation of the facts about Srebrenica, but also personally earned from privatization of Kosovo Telecommunications. She should therefore bear the consequences of her political decisions and acknowledge responsibility for the bloodshed, in which thousands of civilians were killed.”

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Donald Trump Issues A $5 Million Challenge to Barack Obama

Donald Trump has just issued a $5 million challenge to Barack Obama — if POTUS releases his college records, Trump says he’ll donate $5 mil to a charity of B.O.’s choice.

Trump just made the “announcement” via a YouTube video saying, “If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications … and if he gives his passport applications and records I will give to a charity of his choice Inner City Children of Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS Research … a check immediately for 5 million dollars.”

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NWO:The Enemy of Humanity

“There is word of an attempt to buff my mural in London tomorrow morning. If any one is in Shoredich appreciates my art please try to get together with others and stand against them. Repost this to your friends in London and the UK. Reason is a group of conservatives do not like my mural and are playing a race card with me. My mural is about class & privilege. The banker group is made up of Jewish & white Anglos. For some reason they are saying I am anti semetic. This I am most defenatly not. I believe in equality and brother & sisterhood on a global scale. What I am against is class. Ruling class, this is a problem and we need humanization. I don’t even believe in borders. But that’s another story. Help me to stand for freedom of expression! London calling!” Mear One

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Anti-government protests in Budapest

Large pro and anti-government rallies have taken place in the Hungarian capital Budapest, reflecting stark divisions in the country as it marks the anniversary of the 1956 uprising against Soviet rule.

Opposition socialists joined tens of thousands in the anti-government demonstration. Former prime minister Gordon Bajnai announced a new political movement, saying the current administration had made the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

Government supporters had been bussed in from all over the country for their rally. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s popularity has fallen in recent months as his right-wing Fidesz government struggles with a deteriorating economy. With Hungary in recession and unemployment high, the government has raised taxes on banks and big business, defying criticism from the EU.

Budapest accuses Brussels of mishandling the crisis with its austerity packages.The pro-government demonstration attracted 150,000, according to an official news agency.

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