You did it again, Charlie

Police and Army Delete Files & Force This Video Off YouTube

There was a massive Army event at Swinton Town Hall yesterday. I went along to film the madness; they had face-painting and big cartoon characters next to toddlers being shown how to load assault rifles. Very quickly the private security were upon me and I interviewed a Salford City Council woman who felt uncomfortable about all the guns and children. The parents called the Police, saying I was filming their children, that I was evil. The Police detained me for 30 minutes and having reviewed my footage, found that OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t filming kids – so they wanted to fuck me another way – despite my protests – they said that unless I deleted the footage of the Army, I would be arrested. They said filming Army in a public place is agains the law. I said, WHAT LAW? – no answer. I feel raped on all sides, humiliated. I felt like a black man in apartheid South Africa – even the Police Sargeant “You’re not from around here, are you?” & “Things are a bit different in Salford, son”.

Yeah, I understand you Charlie, I saw similar stuff during Wimbledon just few month ago

Thanks Charles Veitch for the video

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