Occupy LA – “Breaking The Law”

Here’s another look at our version of “Breaking The Law” with a decidedly more serious tone. We had started kicking around ideas about this time last year looking for a direction to take the video in. I think what we came up with and what we finally created was amazing considering the time and the budget we had to work with. Many thanks again to everyone who participated!

One of the ideas we had that we didn’t get a chance to follow thru on was one of a more, socially conscious approach. And when the protests started happening down Los Angeles City Hall we thought we should take a closer look. Ian our illustrious drummer and fearless scout visited the “Occupy Movement” on two different occasions and brought back a sack of photos. Unfortunately… before we could get the ball rolling, the LAPD rolled out the “un-welcome” wagon and kicked the demonstrators to the curb.

It’s been a long time coming… but with this being an Election year and the Anniversary of Occupy Los Angeles still upon us, we thought we’d release another video taking a look back at what was… as we all now wonder what is and what this upcoming year’s going to bring.

Feel free to comment or question anything…
We will!

Thanks swamilushbeard for the video

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