Recording the Police Is Necessary

Its time to realise the elite have enslaved us all while using costumed thugs to make you fall into line even with brute force and the thugs never face criminal charges because there is a law for slaves and one for masters, who gave police fake powers over humans politicians who have no power over us because they are there to serve us not oppress us, so wake up they tell police they can have all the toys and powers they want all they must do is serve the corporate elite while being funded by the people.

The United States and UK has growing problem with police abuse, brutality, and corruption. It is essential for civilians to document their encounters with police officers to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety to all of those involved.

If you see something, film something, the freedom of press begins with you!

Police departments have, for too long, tried to bully, intimidate, threaten, arrest, or otherwise harass law abiding citizens from recording the activities of law enforcement in public. Enough is enough! It is time for all of us to take a stand and expose police brutality when we witness it and as they refuse to be held accountable we mus now disarm them when we see them acting outside the law we have a duty o unite and strip them of their weapons and costume and send a message to the elite that their hired thugs will no longer be tollerated in a civil society we will police ourselves without the need for revenue raising agents..

Thanks mayhem2012anonymous for the video

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