UC Berkeley Students In Defense of Public Education

Corporations are killing public education right before your eyes. The Regents of the University of California are not elected, but appointed. Most are heads of major corporations and represent the interests of those corporations, not of the students or of the state of California. While claiming that the university has no money, Regents waste untold millions on pet construction projects that only line the pockets of their corporate cronies.

On 8 November 2012, UC Berkeley students held their “Day of Action in Defense of Public Education” in Sproul Plaza, then marched to Wheeler Hall to discuss tactics out of the rain. They demand that UC roll back their fees to 2009 levels, reverse all cut backs, consolidations and austerity measures against UC workers. If these demands are not met, students will mobilize for state-wide actions in the Spring, focusing on protests, walkouts and strikes.

Don’t let corporations steal your future. Don’t let yourself become an indentured servant. Rise up and join the movement now.

Thanks Peter Menchini for the video

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