Scrap the trident

The government plans to spend £100 billion on replacing Trident Nuclear weapons at a time when public services and education is being cut and fees are rising. Instead of a society which prioritises militarism and war, we demand one which puts education, public services and welfare at the top of the agenda.

With that £100 billion, we could eliminate cuts and fees to our education and have a properly funded education system.

A national demonstration has been called for April 13th where people from across Scottish society will come together to demand the removal of Nuclear Weapons. On this demonstration, we are calling for a mass ‘Fund Education, Scrap Trident!’ student bloc which demands the government focuses on education and not militarism.

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As part of a national initiative, with motions going through student and trade unions across Scotland, a question has been put to EUSA referendum which calls on EUSA to support this demonstration.

Vote YES to EUSA Referendum Question 3 and support the campaign to Scrap Trident!

Thanks FundEducation ScrapTrident for the video

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