Occupy the Belo Monte Dam Site

Amazonian Communities Occupy the Belo Monte Dam Site To Free the Xingu river

Published on 16 Jun 2012
June 15, 2012

In the early morning hours, three hundred women and children arrived in the hamlet of Belo Monte on the Transamazon Highway, and marched onto a temporary earthen dam recently built to impede the flow of the Xingu River. Using pick axes and shovels, local people who are being displaced by the project removed a strip of earthen dam to restore the Xingu’s natural flow.

Residents gathered in formation spelling out the words “Pare Belo Monte” meaning “Stop Belo Monte” to send a powerful message to the world prior to the gathering in Rio and demanding the cancellation of the $18 billion Belo Monte dam project (aerial photos of the human banner available upon request).

Demonstrators planted five hundred native açai trees to stabilize the riverbank that has been destroyed by the initial construction of the Belo Monte dam. They also erected 200 crosses on the banks of the Xingu to honor the lives of those lost defending the Amazon.

Please, Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam in the Amazon’s – River Xingu, state the Pará

the belo monte dam monster project will flood 668 km2 of Amazonian land, of which more 400 km2 is standing forest.
The flooding willforce more than 20 000 people of Altamira and Vitoria do Xingu to flee from their homes and habitats.
The flooding of these forests will produce the emissions of methane, a gas 25 times moredangerous than CO2-
The impact of this project on the biodiversity of this lands will be desastrous and trigger the disappearance of rare species of plants and animals, and above all, the disappearance of the most beautiful Brazilian cultures.

Let us stand up forthe right of the indigenous peoples of Brasil.
For the conservation of animals, plants and forests!
Let us save theworld against the unbridled ambition of a few !
Let us protect our heritage for future generations.

Thanks nippyfrog and Jaime Ocampo Rangel for the video

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