Swedish multiculturalism

Published on 22-26 May 2013
Six nights of riots in a country, listed as ‘the best-governed in the world.’ Sweden’s police say the violence in Stockholm has now been curbed, although dozens of cars were still torched in poor suburbs. It was almost a week of rioting, with masked protesters vandalizing the city. And their anger is fuelled by unemployment and poverty among immigrants, who feel they’re being pushed to the edge of society.

Sweden could be paying a tough price for its policies on immigrants and multiculturalism. A Stockholm suburb erupted into violence for a few hours, as crowds of angry, masked youths from migrant families burned cars, smashed windows and hurled stones at police officers.

What’s believed to have fueled the riot was the death of a 69-year-old man, allegedly shot by police in the area last week.

Thanks Euronews for the video

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