We don’t need the World Cup We need money for hospitals and education

Thirty-nine people were injured and 30 others detained in clashes as around a thousand Brazilians demonstrated outside the national stadium in the capital, Brasilia. The crowds voiced their anger against the amount of money spent on next year’s World Cup.

Police used tear gas, pepper spray and reportedly rubber bullets, as demonstrators staged their rally before the game, which ended in Brazil beating Japan 3-0.

Protesters held posters reading “We don’t need the World Cup” and “We need money for hospitals and education.”

The demonstrators also chanted slogans such as “FIFA go away!” referring to the Federation of International Football Associations, which awarded the hosting rights to Brazil.

Protests took place across Brazil, with hundreds holding a rally near Maracana Stadium in the country’s biggest city, Rio de Janeiro.

The rally turned violent, as it did in Brasilia, with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets before the start of another Confederations Cup match, which ended in a tie between Italy and Mexico.

Thanks RTGlobalReport for the video

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