Bob Marley Slogans

Amazing to me that I have made a video for Bob Marley himself, one of the great mentors of my life, my son is called Marley, not just after Bob, but after his music, his diplomacy and his wisdom.

I worked with Neville Garrick (Bobs close friend and art director during the 1970’s and 1980’s) and Nikki Porter (editor at Final Cut in London) to source the Marley archive, along with much newsreel footage, to make this statement for Bobs last ever recorded song ‘Slogans’.

Neville was an inspiration to work with, he saw the video through what he knew to be Bobs eyes and really wanted to make a stand about GW Bush and his policies of the time, especially the shambles of New Orleans.

Thanks Adrian Moat for the video

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