Where is my goat

One guy’s journey into the bleating heart of ethical giving.

After weeks of debating what promotional item might make the most sense for his clients, filmmaker Christopher Richardson settles on a curious approach to thanking them for their business: he will buy goats in their names for families in the developing world.

But as the list of gifted goats grows, some clients question whether the animals actually exist. Christopher decides to travel to a Zambian village in search of one of the goats he has bought online and discover for himself whether his ethical gift giving is making the impact he hoped for.

Along the way he encounters both supporters and detractors of the ethical gift concept. But one question is paramount to him: “Where’s My Goat?” Using humor, animation and a sincere desire to access whether his good faith gesture is truly making a difference, this filmmaker’s search for ‘his’ goat is a provocative, outside-the-box look at charity and the impact a specific initiative might have.

Thanks triconfilms for the video

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