Water Wars

Water Wars: Land snatched from Syria supplies third of Israel’s H2O

Published on 7 Jan 2014
Water is life, so they say, but rivalry over supplies can lead to bitter conflicts. You can see here that, since the mid-20th century, the planet’s seen nearly 180 conflicts connected to water resources. These include both small and large-scale clashes – a lot of them in the Middle East and Africa. So, it might surprise you to hear that it’s water – rather than oil – that could be what’s fought over in the coming years in the region.

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Welcome to Mediastan

Published on 29 Dec 2013
RT discusses WikiLeaks road movie ‘Mediastan’ with a special panel of guests, including film creator Julian Assange, journalist and director Johannes Wahlstrom, and Enayat Najafizada – a young Afghan journalist and one of the heroes of the movie. Our guests raise many questions about the film, including Snowden’s revelations, Glenn Greenwald’s role in the story, and the NSA’s global surveillance program.

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Stop nukes in Tokyo

Published on 22 Dec 2013
Thousands of people rallied at Hibiya Outdoor Theater in Tokyo to protest the Japanese governent’s intent to resume the nuclear reactors and export nuclear power to other countries. Contrary to Priminister Shinzo Abe’s remark, Fukushima is not “under control” at all. Lots of people are against nukes and ask for the nuclear-free world.


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