Stop fluoridation of water in Ireland

The fluoridation of our water started in 1964 after the introduction of the Fluoridation of Water Supplies Act 1960. It was a crude way of medicating the public with fluoride. Consecutive governments have the public drinking fluoride for 50 years without their consent.

There has been wide spread opposition to fluoridation since Gladys Ryan took her case to the High Court in 1964 on the basis that citizens had no choice but to drink medicated water. It is time to stop this mass medication.

The evidence is there for all to see. Ireland is only one of 4 EU states that support fluoridation of water. Switzerland was the last European country to end fluoridation in 2000.

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Banker left Speechless by Irish Journalist

Irish journalist Vincent Browne confronts the ECB’s (European Central Bank) Klaus Masuch demanding to know where the money is going.

The following video is showing what happens when a journalist forces a banker to actually answer a question. I personally believe it will happen anywhere in Europe if you ask same question your government or central banksters too.

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Anti-austerity march in Dublin

The anti-austerity march of November 24 2012 will give people the chance to tell the Government that it’s time to change the economic direction. By Michael O’Reilly. There were around 15,000 people.

Austerity is costing jobs.

When the Government published their Medium Term Fiscal Statement last week, they all but admitted that their employment policy will fail. When they took office the unemployment rate was 14.2%. Now they accept that the unemployment rate by 2015 will be 13%. In other words, the Government admits that the unemployment rate will hardly change while they are in office. This is a devastating admission.

Since the crisis began, Ireland has suffered one of the worst collapses in employment of any EU-15 country. We are up there with Spain and Greece. While the numbers at work in Ireland have fallen by over 15%, the Eurozone average is less than 2%.

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