Czech Activists Accused Madeleine Albright For The Bloodshed

During the promotion of a book by former U.S. secretary of State, Madeleine Albright at The new Luxor Palace of Books – Prague, Czech Republic 23.10., there was a general turmoil when the activists of the “Friends of the Serbs in Kosovo” organization asked her to sign the posters and CDs with the photos of atrocities committed over Serbs.

This was followed by a fierce reaction of security, and this association activists were attacked both verbally and physically. M. Albright although she tried to feign indifference and calmness, jumped from her chair and started shouting at attendees to get out. One of the participants, and a member of the Association of Friends of Kosovo Serbs, Daniel Huba, when asked why they were here today, responds:

“From the position of the USA Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright pushed for the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. when NATO planes bombed without a UN mandate. She also supported the jihad in Bosnia during 1992-1995, and the manipulation of the facts about Srebrenica, but also personally earned from privatization of Kosovo Telecommunications. She should therefore bear the consequences of her political decisions and acknowledge responsibility for the bloodshed, in which thousands of civilians were killed.”

Thanks megaklipovi7 for the video

New wave of protests in Czech Republic

The video was editing from collected or produced videos by Czech & Slovak youtubers during the protests in cities and towns across Czech Republic in 15. 3. 2012. Another mass protests been arranged on this Sunday 15.4. ten times more towns then last month.

The song written and sung by Karel Kryl. After Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia (1989) he reportedly became disappointed with the transformation of society. He continued to write protest songs criticising the transformation of government until his death in 1994.

Many people of Czech (as well as Slovak) became disappointed later especially last 5-10 years. So they stop closing their eyes and came out on the streets and squares.

Thanks dejvidgerman for the video.