Protesters breach barricades at palace amid mass demos in Cairo

In Egypt, thousands of pro and anti-Morsi demonstrators have gathered in Cairo – ahead of Saturday’s referendum on the new constitution. Protesters opposed to the president have breached the barricades of the Presidential Palace, amid fears that the proposed draft would lead the country towards an Islamic dictatorship. For more on this RT talks to journalist Bel Trew, who’s in Cairo.

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Egypt riots as Christians clash with police

Egypt’s military rulers imposed an overnight curfew on Cairo’s Tahrir Square and other parts of the capital, which is due to be lifted around now. It follows a violent eruption between Coptic Christians and security forces that have left at least 24 people dead. What began as a peaceful rally calling for justice over attacks on churches and radicalism, quickly turned into the most-violent episode since February’s revolution. Military vehicles are clearly seen charging through crowds and ploughing into people, while army infantry fired rubber bullets and tear gas. Witnesses claim the escalation was sparked by unconnected trouble-makers, but state-owned media blames Christian protesters for instigating the violence.

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