United Stasi of America

Published on 7 Jul 2013
(Reuters) – A German artist who beamed the words “United Stasi of America” onto the wall of the U.S. embassy in Berlin says Washington’s spy methods make the former East German secret police look like boy scouts.

A video of Oliver Bienkowski’s artwork is fast becoming a hit on the Internet in Germany, tapping into widespread outrage over U.S. surveillance programs revealed by fugitive ex-National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden.

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Frankfurt BLOCKUPY PROTESTERS target European Central Bank

Anti-capitalist demonstrators from the Blockupy movement paralysed Germany’s financial center on Friday, cutting off access to the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bank’s headquarters.

Protesters against Europe’s austerity policies, estimated by police at 1,500 but by Blockupy at 3,000, descended in the early hours on Frankfurt’s financial district to disrupt business at institutions they blame for a deep recession in euro zone countries such as Spain and Greece.

Riot police, showered with stones and paint bombs, used pepper spray to prevent the protesters breaking into the ECB. Several protesters were injured and police made some arrests, though they gave no numbers.

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Enter the anti-euro challengers

The “Alternative for Germany” party, which will be officially launched on April 14, aims to take the federal republic out of the euro. Although its founders lack a well-defined roadmap, they could still bother Angela Merkel in September’s general elections.

Unveiling Alternative für Deutschland at Oberursel, in the Hesse region, on March 11

Seeming a little tense in the runup to the founding congress on Sunday, April 14, Alexander Gauland arranged to meet us in one of the quietest restaurants in the Regierungsviertel [Berlin’s government neighbourhood]. Recognisable with his tweed jacket and salt-and-pepper hair, when he arrives this impression is confirmed: the hoopla over his new party has begun to make him a little uneasy.

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March 31 – Frankfurt protests

Saturday’s clashes mark one of the first significant outbreaks of violence in Germany connected to recent anti-capitalist demonstrations inspired by the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. Police said they arrested 465 people during the “anti-capitalist day” march. A spokesman for the organisers, anti-capitalist alliance M31, said a group of around 200 protesters broke off the 6,000 strong demonstration and headed to the city centre.

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Germany occupation doesn’t finish yet

Three months after the first global day of action in Germany, several thousand protesters in various cities, joined the world-wide protests to make their voices heard and to raise pressure in the financial world.

While only in Frankfurt various protesters still held out in their camp outside the ECB (European Central Bank), the camp in Berlin on the old federal press beach was closed down last Monday (January 9) by riot police and the protesters peacefully evicted. The first co-ordinated day of action this year was meant to show politicians that Occupy in intended to cause a “hot year.”

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