Clashes with police in central Rome

Published on 31 Oct 2013
Hundreds of protesters demonstrating for the right to affordable housing clashed with police in central Rome on Thursday. The protesters demanded local authorities stop evictions in the Italian capital, and use more public funds to help people without homes or those who can’t pay their rent. The clashes came as representatives from the government, regional authorities and City Hall met to discuss an emergency plan to tackle the lack of affordable housing.

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Fuck-off day in Bologna

V-DAY is short for Vaffanculo day (Fuck-off day) in 8 September 2007 in Bologna (Italy) by Giuseppe Piero “Beppe” Grillo

As one of Italy’s best known comedians, Beppe Grillo had often exposed political and business scandals as part of his routines, but in 2005 he published his first post on his blog,, which established him as a public figure focusing primarily on political and societal issues. In the ensuing years, this became the most visited political blog in Italy and was the launching pad for other online and offline initiatives.

In 2007, Grillo organised an event called ‘V-Day’, which brought the movement to a much wider media and audience. V-day, as Grillo explained in his blog, was short for ‘Vaffanculo day’ (‘Fuck-off day’), a message directed in particular towards Italy’s party political class.16 The event’s main objectives were to campaign for a ban on politicians with a criminal record serving in Parliament, prohibiting parliamentarians from serving more than two terms, and a return to an electoral system which would allow citizens to choose their representatives”.

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27th revolutionary October in Italy

On the streets of Riva del Garda in northern Italy police and protesters have clashed. The violence erupted during a nationwide demonstration against Prime Minister Mario Monti and his government’s anti-austerity measures.

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Il 27 ottobre tutti a Roma per riprendere i nostri sacrosanti DIRITTTI e mandare via dal potere Costituzionale … LADRI. CORROTTI, CORRUTTORI, MAFIOSI, ASSASSINI, PUTTANE, MEZZE SEGHE ecc ecc …nn scrivo nomi per nn sporcare il web! Cittadini, compagni…TORNIAMO COME CITTADINI con i dovuti valori diritti e doveri!

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Students protest school cuts in Italy

Hundreds of students in Milan clashed with police during protests against cuts to education in Italy. Students carrying shields and wearing motorcycle helmets threw eggs and oranges at police in riot gear. At one point, dozens of riot police charged the protesters, hitting them repeatedly with batons and forcing them away from regional government offices.

Protesters also gathered in Rome on Friday to voice their anger at the Italian government and European Union austerity measures, which they claim are affecting the right to education, and impoverishing public schools.

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Hundreds protest Pope’s silence on missing girl

Thousands gathered in protest at the Vatican during the Sunday Angelus, outraged due to the recent discovery of what happened with Emmanuela Orlandi.

Emmanuela Orlanda is a 15 year orld girl who disappeared in 1983 in Rome. Two priests have just admitted that the teenager was abducted for Vatican sex parties, then her body was disposed of. One of the priests that spoke out is Father Gabriele Amorth (The Vatican’s leading exorcists who has performed over 70,000 exorcisms)

The outspoken priests also admitted it was vatican gendarme (police) that would recruit the GIRLS for these sex parties.

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