Madrid marches for ‘dignity’ to protest government austerity

Published on 22 Mar 2014
Thousands of Spaniard from a variety of organisations, platforms, collectives and labour unions took part in a protest against government austerity in Madrid on Saturday under the banner ‘dignity’.

People from different regions in Spain initiated a march across the country last week which ended in the central streets of Madrid. The march aimed to gather at least a million people to rally.

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Madrid street cleaners’ in strike second week

Published on 11 Nov 2013
Madrid street cleaners and gardeners protested on Monday against plans by City Hall to lay off over a thousand workers. Demonstrators chanted “they save bankers and sack workers” and “a job is not for sale, it should be defended.” Signs refering to the Madrid’s mayor read “Botella Out.”

Some 6,600 outdoor maintenance workers joined the walk-out last Tuesday (November 5), after three private companies, contracted by Madrid’s city hall, proposed cutting salaries by up to 40 percent and laying off 1,144 people.

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Protest in Madrid support Basques from ETA

Published on 27 Oct 2013
Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Madrid to protest against the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights which ordered Spain to release a member of the Basque separatist group ETA. It also bans the government from extending prison terms for numerous ETA members.

People from of the Association of the Victims of Terrorism mixed with representatives of Mariano Rajoy’s ruling People’s Party.

“I was a victim of terrorism and the death of a family member now means nothing. I’m here to protest against the politicians Zapatero and Rubalba the biggest traitors in the history of Spain,” explained one of the demonstrators.

Many of the protesters believe Spain should not have bowed to the Strasbourg court’s ruling which Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called “unfair”.

They fear many more ETA prisoners will be set free. Fifty one have filed applications to be released.

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Spaniards Protest Against PP Corruption Scandal

Published on 19 Jul 2013
Thousands people vent their anger against allegations of corruption in the ruling People’s Party outside its headquarters in Madrid.

Published on 18 Jul 2013
Protesters and police were injured during bloody clashes in Madrid on Thursday. Following a protest in front of the headquarters of Spain’s ruling Popular Party, around 1,000 protesters marched along the streets of Madrid calling for the dismissal of the Spanish government. As tensions mounted, police were seen beating protesters with batons, in clashes that left at least three protesters and one policeman injured.

The demonstrators also aimed to further publicise the latest accusations made by Luis Barcenas, a former head of the ruling Popular Party’s Treasury, stating that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy accepted undisclosed bonuses from businessmen and private builders. Barcenas also claimed that the Popular Party was illegally financed by major construction companies in exchange for contracts. Barcenas is serving a prison sentence for tax offences and capital evasion.

Spain’s economy has suffered from stagnant activity following the onset of the European debt crisis, resulting in surging unemployment rates, particularly among the nation’s youth.

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Spanish army dirty business

Exposure protest for the ILP bill in Spain

Published on 6 Jul 2013
A new mortgage bill approved by Spain’s lower house of parliament would merely put a band-aid on the plight of people whose homes are being repossessed, and would not guarantee protection for most families facing eviction, activists complain. The bill was passed Apr. 18 thanks to the votes of the right-wing governing Popular Party (PP), and is expected to make it through the Senate because the party also holds an absolute majority there.

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Protest march in Madrid against privatization in public health

Published on 24 Jun 2013
Again and again, people gather to protest against the Madrid regional government’s decision to privatize the management of public hospitals an health centers. People fear profit-orientation will be given priority over treatment quality and patients and hospital staff will be exploited. They believe that the Madrid regional government wants to finance the upper class’s privileges with the money squeezed out from the society. The Madrid region’s top government official for health policy behaves arrogantly.

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Spain anti-austerity protest – 23. February

Spanish police say they arrested 45 people, including nine minors, in street violence after a large anti-austerity protest outside parliament. Dozens sustained minor injuries.
Tens of thousands of people marched to parliament to demonstrate against tax hikes, spending cuts, sky-high unemployment and alleged corruption. As the protest ended late Saturday, groups of youths threw bar chairs into a road and burned garbage containers.

Police later found four firebombs in a backpack abandoned on a street. The Interior Ministry says officers then seized 22 firecrackers, five flares and a stick from two minors near Madrid’s main railway station.

The ministry also said in a statement Sunday that 40 people, including 12 police officers, received minor injuries in the clashes. Two of the officers received hospital treatment.

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