The Syrian Diary

The Syrian Diary Russian Documentary from TV Rossiya 24

not for shock purposes, just for documenting FSA mercenaries war crimes in Syria against the Syrian people. If you are a minor or mentally unstable, please do not watch. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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USA and Great Britain have no choice

Published on 23 Jun 2013
Western and Arab countries opposed to President Assad’s rule, have agreed they will arm rebels.

At a meeting in Qatar, foreign ministers said that each country would be giving urgent military support to the Syrian opposition on the ground.

The countries, who call themselves ‘Friends of Syria’ include the US, Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan.

They also called for an immediate withdrawal of Lebanese Hizbollah and Iranian fighters in Syria.

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Why would Syria bomb Turkish town?

Is that an another false flag orchestrated by Turkish government to push NATO to open war frontline against Syria?

Published on 11 May 2013
Double car-bomb blasts have rocked a Turkish town near the country’s border with Syria. Dozens are dead and scores more injured following the attack. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings, but Turkey is focusing on Kurdish rebels or Syrian involvement

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How to face of global media propaganda

This demonstration took place today (April 21, 2013) in Paris, France, next to Radio France in support of Syria in the face of global media propaganda about the reality of the conflict.

Syrians are facing attacks in their own homeland from international and domestic terrorists, but the global media has been portraying the crisis as a purely popular uprising met with governmental crackdown. Despite the economic sanctions and false propaganda, Syrians persist in resisting, and the Syrian community in France did its share to tell the world that it does not accept the lies and terror waged against Syria. Dialogue among Syrians is the only way forward.

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Assad’s interview for Sunday Times

I was waiting in a first-floor reception room at Al-Muhajireen palace, a relatively modest building where Assad often works, away from the grandeur of the main presidential palace, when I was told to look out of the window. An ordinary black saloon car with tinted windows was coming up the drive.

I realised it could be the president but I was surprised to see him emerging not from a rear door opened by a chauffeur, but from the driver’s seat. He was the only person in the vehicle and there was no sign of a security convoy.

It was explained to me that despite regular explosions, Assad insists on maintaining a normal lifestyle including — to his security chief’s dismay — driving to the office in the morning. He has apparently told his security men that if ever he has to wear a flak jacket to move around Damascus, he might as well step down.

We met in a room with artisanal chandeliers and window frames inlaid with mother of pearl. Through the open shutters, one could see residential buildings on the other side of a courtyard. It was a quiet morning, with a lull in the shelling of the suburbs that can be heard daily from the city centre.

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Battle For Syria: View from the front line

War has been raging in Syria for a year and a half. An endless series of special operations, victories and retreats, a struggle between government forces and an armed opposition that takes place both with weapons on the ground and on the TV screen.

Even seemingly unimportant local battles are being discussed far abroad because the result of this war will impact not only the future of Syria. The situation here is splitting the world in half. This undoubtedly is another internal conflict with global consequences.

Our film crew has spent 2 months on the frontline with the soldiers of Syrian army and civilians trying to answer these hard questions:
Who is the Syrian army fighting?
What is the armed opposition fighting for?
And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict?

This film was made in field conditions to better tell the story of what’s happening here.

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