War Matters

War Matters is a new documentary following the 10 year struggle of Brian Haw and the other protestors who battled the UK authorities to occupy Parliament Square in protest against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Keep calm and carry on”

This hard-hitting documentary asks where does democracy end and tyranny begin? People are dying across the Middle East fighting for democracy while in the UK protesters are feeling their democratic rights slipping away.

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Pig-pushing protest over NHS destruction

Published on Apr 26, 2013
Watch the full Keiser Report (E437) on Saturday.

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss accidental hysterectomies and unexpected heart transplants as GDP boosters, the activist campaign from the Artist Taxi Driver – #wheresdaddyspig – as protest against privatization of the National Health Service in Britain and hospitals in America flying comatose patients out of the country to avoid having to treat them. In the second half of the show Max talks to Mark Melin of UncorrelatedInvestments.com about the latest on the MF Global cover up and the damaged financial system it left behind.

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Cyprus already left eurozone?

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the PLUNDERBALL games in Europe and how the United Kingdom turned from Aspiration Nation to Asphyxiation Nation. They also talk about the ‘mega-caust’ of the financial markets in which those who worried about their gold being confiscated have now lost their bank deposits instead! In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Mitch Feierstein about the implications to all bank depositors of the confiscation of some funds in Cyprus.

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Scrap the trident

The government plans to spend £100 billion on replacing Trident Nuclear weapons at a time when public services and education is being cut and fees are rising. Instead of a society which prioritises militarism and war, we demand one which puts education, public services and welfare at the top of the agenda.

With that £100 billion, we could eliminate cuts and fees to our education and have a properly funded education system.

A national demonstration has been called for April 13th where people from across Scottish society will come together to demand the removal of Nuclear Weapons. On this demonstration, we are calling for a mass ‘Fund Education, Scrap Trident!’ student bloc which demands the government focuses on education and not militarism.

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As part of a national initiative, with motions going through student and trade unions across Scotland, a question has been put to EUSA referendum which calls on EUSA to support this demonstration.

Vote YES to EUSA Referendum Question 3 and support the campaign to Scrap Trident!

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UK’s first investigation over aspartame

Controversial: The authority's view will be welcomed by manufacturers who use aspartame and similar sweeteners in fizzy drinks such as Diet Coke

A leading British expert has called for an investigation into serious health concerns over the artificial sweetener aspartame – after the EU food watchdog insisted it was safe.

The European Food Safety Authority has published a draft scientific opinion effectively rubbishing more than 20 studies which have identified potential problems with the sweetener, ranging from premature births  to cancer.

The authority’s view will be welcomed by manufacturers who use aspartame and similar sweeteners in fizzy drinks such as Diet Coke, and diet foods consumed by millions of people every day.

But Erik Millstone, professor of science policy at the University of  Sussex, has challenged the ‘biased’ and ‘deeply flawed’ EFSA opinion.

Professor Millstone has been a leading expert on food policy in the UK for many years and his lobbying was instrumental in the setting up of Britain’s Food Standards Agency.

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10 Reasons to Cancel Your TV Licence

The BBC has had it too good for too long. One of the major problems posed by the BBC is their lack of accountability to the very people who pay their wages – us. The BBC is never far away from controversy but nothing ever seems to change and no one in their corporation ever seems to be worser off as a result of their wrongdoing. Imagine for a moment that it was a completely different media company we were talking about, and not the BBC.

For argument’s sake, let’s say it was ITV or Sky. What would happen is that the viewers would refuse to watch that TV station any longer and/or they would cancel their subscriptions. And if enough people did this, the company would go bankrupt very quickly. That’s because these company’s are directly accountable to their viewers who pay their wages via subscriptions or from watching the adverts. However, the BBC does not afford us this luxury to the people who fund them.

It doesn’t matter how many people stop watching BBC programmes because the BBC will continue to receive £3.4 billion a year from our pockets. Therefore the BBC has no financial impetus to even want to change what they do. Even if a million people suddenly stopped watching the BBC, it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to the BBC’s annual turnover, which means that they can continue to anger people as much as they want without any fear of redundancies, pay cuts or the company going bust through lack of consumer confidence in their products. Therefore we only have one real option available to us and that’s to cancel our TV Licence.

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Queen blocked plan to pass Iraq War bomb powers to parliament

Senior Royals offered veto over 39 policies that had impact on their power
Queen blocked Iraq War law giving ministers sole power to authorise bombs
Palace: ‘Decisions based on advice from ministers and civil servants’
Critics: ‘Queen and Prince Charles have too much power over Parliament’

The Queen and Prince Charles have been given at least 39 chances to veto legislation before it became law, it was revealed today. Secret papers show the most senior Royals have had numerous opportunities to torpedo bills that could change their powers, including a law that would have given parliament sole authority to sanction strikes on Iraq during the 1999 war. The extent of the influence the Queen and Prince Charles have over legislation has been laid bare because Downing Street lost a legal battle to keep details secret.




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