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We started filming this documentary individually over one year ago with very little funding, which we got by throwing a party. The crew waived their salary and we obtained equipment free of ascribe. Throughout this time span we roamed through the assemblies of Vidigal, Vila Autódromo, Providência, the dock region of Rio and the enclosures of the Maracanã stadium, assembling images, interviewing inhabitants, taking part in their meetings, debates and confrontations.

These assemblies have been recognised as some of the most affected by authentic land parcel conjecture, a incident in which lodgings charges are increasing due to groundwork for the foremost world events to be hosted in Rio: the World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016.

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Occupy Melbourne – Police Brutality

More than 20 statements have been taken from individuals who have experienced police violence including eye gouging, kicks to the groin, punches to the face, knees to the face and arbitrary pepper spraying, including of minors. One incident involved an elderly woman with a walking stick who was pushed to the ground by riot police.

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