IdleNoMore indigenous protest at US and Canada

Indigenous people and supporters from Minneapolis protested at the Canadian Consulate in downtown Minneapolis, as the first protest in the United States supporting “Idle No More”, the political mobilization of indigenous First Nation communities in Canada.

The crowd in Churchill Square in Edmonton for Idle No More, a rally and march protesting Bill C-45. December 8, 2012.

Community members from the 4 First nations Samson Erminskin Montana Louis Bull gather to raise awareness on the new legislation that is the “white paper” in disquise

Everyone Has a Voice! Saskatoon you demonstrated your voice loud and clear! This video is ment to inspire other youth and people to take the power back.
Use your own skills to promote awarness, I dont have a education in editing, however i do know that a little bit of time and effort does great things.

Thanks HongPong, Paula E. Kirman, HongPong and Harmonie King for the video