Bahrain is the scene of yet another anti-government rally

Published on 3 Jan 2014
Bahrain is the scene of yet another anti-government rally. The protest west of Manama was joined by the leader of the main opposition bloc Al-Wefaq.

Sheikh Ali Salman attended the rally in the village of Shakhora to condemn the jailing of photographers and activists by the Al Khalifa regime. The protest comes as Manama continues its brutal crackdown against opposition leaders and activists calling for democratic change in the Persian Gulf Kingdom. The Al Khalifa regime has detained hundreds of opposition activists since the revolution started in 20-11. Scores of protesters have died in the crackdown and many others have been given lengthy jail sentences for attending anti-regime protests.

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Australians protest government’s new medicare plan

Published on 4 Jan 2014
Australia’s health care system is believed to be one of the best in the world. But things could take a turn for the worst if plans to alter the current Medicare scheme are put into practice.

The Abbott government recently announced plans to re-introduce a six-dollar fee for every visit to the doctor, with the potential of expanding this to emergency room visitations. A large number of people turned up at a protest outside Sydney’s Town Hall to rally against these changes, which will allegedly affect those Australians who need medical assistance the most Although the government has said that pensioners and students will be exempt from the fee, groups such as the National Union of Students aren’t buying into this. The Liberal Party claims that these changes are necessary to relieve pressure on the health budget and make health care more sustainable and manageable. However, other political parties, such as the Greens, say this is false information.

The rally made its way through Sydney CBD, collecting public support along the way. Hundreds of Aussies representing different groups each bound together in defense of a long-loved health care system. While a formal decision is yet to be made, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has strictly said that he will not rule out plans to introduce Medicare reforms.

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Korean railroad workers against privatization

Published on 28 Dec 2013
More than one hundred thousand people (estimated by host) gathered in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, 28th Dec local time to protest against government’s privatization. Dozens of families, Students as well as labors hold a parade. An anti-government rally against privatization, rigged/fraudulent election of the president Park Geun-hye.

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Battles break in Athens following protest and celebration

Published on 17 Nov 2013
Riots broke out in Athens’ Exharchia square Sunday evening, following a commemoration of the 1973 Polytechnic School uprising. The youthful crowd burnt rubbish dumpsters as makeshift barricades, whilst others broke paving stones to throw at the surrounding police.

The clashes sparked amidst a tense environment following a day of protest and arrests of demonstrators. The disturbances were, however, not related to the day of commemoration in any direct sense, with the vast majority out in the streets avoiding being embroiled.

More than 6,000 police were deployed on the streets of the Greek capital as tens of thousands gathered, celebrating the day when Greece’s military government fell in 1974.

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Standing man silent protest in Turkey

Published on 13 Nov 2013
A silent, standing protest by performance artist Erdem Gunduz has been taken up by hundreds of anti-government demonstrators and spread to several Turkish cities.Mr Gunduz appeared in Istanbul’s Taksim Square at around 18:00 (15:00 GMT) on Monday and remained there until 02:00 when police moved in.

His protest quickly captured the imagination of the protest movement. The hash tag ‘duranadam’ (‘standing man’) dominated Turkish-language Twitter on Tuesday morning. Hundreds of people in Istanbul and Ankara took up the protest on Tuesday.

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