Mexican teachers in the strike

Mexico Police Clash With Striking Teachers in Mexico City

Riot police swept thousands of striking teachers out of the heart of Mexico City on Friday ending their weeks-long occupation of the Zocalo plaza over education reforms.

Protesting teachers armed themselves with metal pipes and wooden clubs and blocked off the Zocalo with steel grates and plastic traffic dividers.

Police drove protesters through the streets using tear gas. Protesters threw rocks and other objects at police.

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Bulgarian MPs freed after protest blockade

Published on 24 Jul 2013
Anti-riot police broke up a protesters’ blockade of Bulgaria’s parliament and escorted out over 100 ministers, politicians and journalists who had been trapped inside for more more than eight hours. Policeman with shields pushed away the anti-government protesters on Wednesday and formed a tight cordon to get the trapped out of the state building in Sofia, hours after demonstrations turned violent.

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Swedish Journalist Nominated for Prestigious Award for Fighting “Politically Correct” Racism

Swedish journalist Jan Hagberg has been nominated for the Raoul Wallenberg Prize for writing about racism within parts of the Swedish establishment, towards those Slavic peoples and nations who “are not entirely subordinated to the dictates of the West.”

Justitia Pax Veritas, a non-profit organization based in Stockholm, recently nominated Swedish journalist Jan Hagberg for the Raoul Wallenberg Prize. The award was established this year by the government of Sweden in memory of the late diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews during World War II. The prize is awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the fight against racism and xenophobia.

The explanation of the nomination stated, among other things, that Jan Hagberg is about the only journalist in Sweden who has drawn attention to a very dangerous kind of racism, one within the establishment, which Hagberg called ”the fine mingling racism” towards those Slavic peoples and nations who are ”not entirely subordinated to the dictate of the West.”

As a clear example of such a “politically correct” racism Hagberg has written about an incident from October 2012 when Madeleine Albright was filmed screaming “Disgusting Serbs!” to a group of Czech protesters. As Hagberg noticed, rather than condemning Albright, media in Sweden was completely silent “because it was the accepted, the fine circles’ racism which was exclaimed by the ex-minister”.

The deadline for nominations expires 20 June and the Raoul Wallenberg Academy awards the prize to one of the nominees on August 27, the Name day of Raoul.

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Spaniards Protest Against PP Corruption Scandal

Published on 19 Jul 2013
Thousands people vent their anger against allegations of corruption in the ruling People’s Party outside its headquarters in Madrid.

Published on 18 Jul 2013
Protesters and police were injured during bloody clashes in Madrid on Thursday. Following a protest in front of the headquarters of Spain’s ruling Popular Party, around 1,000 protesters marched along the streets of Madrid calling for the dismissal of the Spanish government. As tensions mounted, police were seen beating protesters with batons, in clashes that left at least three protesters and one policeman injured.

The demonstrators also aimed to further publicise the latest accusations made by Luis Barcenas, a former head of the ruling Popular Party’s Treasury, stating that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy accepted undisclosed bonuses from businessmen and private builders. Barcenas also claimed that the Popular Party was illegally financed by major construction companies in exchange for contracts. Barcenas is serving a prison sentence for tax offences and capital evasion.

Spain’s economy has suffered from stagnant activity following the onset of the European debt crisis, resulting in surging unemployment rates, particularly among the nation’s youth.

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Turkey Clashes continue

Published on 14 Jul 2013

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Istanbul on Saturday to march to Gezi Park. They’ve been protesting against a recently imposed law. It blocks the Turkish Engineers and Architects Union from approving urban planning projects. The law is seen by many as part of a government vendetta.

The union previously brought a lawsuit over plans to develop Gezi Park, prompting the first protests against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

The crowd chanted anti-government slogans and screamed: “This is just the beginning. The fight is continuing.”

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