Day of Resistance – Flagpole Hill in Dallas

Held at Flagpole Hill in Dallas on February 23, 2013, the Day of Resistance is a gathering of activists demonstrating against the 23 Executive Orders issued by President Barrack Obama designed to undermine our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The President took these actions without the consent of Congress–itself a violation of the Separation of Powers doctrine and the system of checks and balances articulated in The Constitution of the United States.

Thanks WhiteRockTeaParty for the video

You did it again, Charlie

Police and Army Delete Files & Force This Video Off YouTube

There was a massive Army event at Swinton Town Hall yesterday. I went along to film the madness; they had face-painting and big cartoon characters next to toddlers being shown how to load assault rifles. Very quickly the private security were upon me and I interviewed a Salford City Council woman who felt uncomfortable about all the guns and children. The parents called the Police, saying I was filming their children, that I was evil. The Police detained me for 30 minutes and having reviewed my footage, found that OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t filming kids – so they wanted to fuck me another way – despite my protests – they said that unless I deleted the footage of the Army, I would be arrested. They said filming Army in a public place is agains the law. I said, WHAT LAW? – no answer. I feel raped on all sides, humiliated. I felt like a black man in apartheid South Africa – even the Police Sargeant “You’re not from around here, are you?” & “Things are a bit different in Salford, son”.

Yeah, I understand you Charlie, I saw similar stuff during Wimbledon just few month ago

Thanks Charles Veitch for the video