Madrid Spain riot police new targets – Journalists

On September 25, 2012 there was a demonstration in order to surround the Congress. This action ended in a police charge that led to the riot body to enter the near Atocha station to hit and shoot the protesters and had retreated, which could be a police action of doubtful validity.

In this context, several members of the press were identified, attacked, threatened and probably reported by riot members who refused to turn to give his identification number even carried. This video chronicles the assault on journalists.

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9 Minutes of amazing footage with more attacks on journalists and some footage from the metro attacks. These are the kind of videos the police are trying to suppress.

Police Agent Provocateurs been caught on video by media cameras inciting violence at the #25s bailout protests in Madrid Spain.

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Do-it-Yourself news and movies

NYC’s Do-it-Yourself new media and movie studio, King’s Mob Multimedia, will present a discussion on Open Source Mediamaking and how the DiY ethic can shatter major corporations’ grasp on independent production and distribution.

From DeCSS to the WTO protests, the world is learning that technological convergence means more than a TV that is also a microwave: technology gives us the means to converge people and cultures and to set information free. It’s all about empowering voices that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

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