300 000+

A growing ephemeral performance seeks to visualise and re-humanise the dead statistics of the Mexican Drug War.

300 000+ made its first appearance at the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park and it aspires to be replicated in different cities around the world before arriving to Mexico City’s Zocalo for a final display. This act of peaceful protest aims to engage with Mexican society, but also invites an international public to empathise with the victims, whom, during the performance, are embodied by embroidered textiles made by the Bordando por la Paz collectives, each individual piece tells the story or quotes the name of, one of the victims.

Creating a bigger visual impact by increasing its number of participants every demonstration, this project’s overall intention is to return to these victims the dignity they deserve and act as evidence of Mexico’s broken social fabric.

Thanks Danielle Kummer for the video