Enter the anti-euro challengers

The “Alternative for Germany” party, which will be officially launched on April 14, aims to take the federal republic out of the euro. Although its founders lack a well-defined roadmap, they could still bother Angela Merkel in September’s general elections.

Unveiling Alternative für Deutschland at Oberursel, in the Hesse region, on March 11

Seeming a little tense in the runup to the founding congress on Sunday, April 14, Alexander Gauland arranged to meet us in one of the quietest restaurants in the Regierungsviertel [Berlin’s government neighbourhood]. Recognisable with his tweed jacket and salt-and-pepper hair, when he arrives this impression is confirmed: the hoopla over his new party has begun to make him a little uneasy.

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It’s time for real change

This is not about Democrat or Republican, left or right. It is about the people uniting to confront the deadening consensus that crosses party lines and dominates our major media.

Election Day 2012 falls on November 6th. On that day we will see hundreds, if not thousands, of youth candidates elected to local and state offices all across America.

Remember, remember the Fifth of November.

Preparing for that day in the coming years will inspire millions of Americans to join our revolution. But this is a cause that we – the youth – must lead.

Decentralize, localize, empower.

On November 5th, 2012, let us raise our voices like never before.

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Bashar al-Assad had scored a victory

The preliminary results of the parliamentary elections that took place in Syria on May 7th have been announced in the country. After a long and careful vote counting it became clear that the National Unity Bloc of Syria that supports President Bashar al-Assad had scored a victory. It will get 183 out of 250 seats in Parliament.

Bashar a-Assad -  Syrian elections

Bashar a-Assad - Syrian elections

“The U.S. State Department has always based its stand on its antagonism towards the Assad regime. Such was its stance earlier too. And the former U.S. president George W. Bush even included Syria in the