Paris protesters say no to gay marriages ahead of first gay wedding

Published on 26 May 2013 Organisers of a Paris protest against gay marriage say more than one million people have taken part in the event to express anger at the bill passed into law last week.

Similar demonstrations failed to stop the law – which also allows gay people to adopt.

“Because the law has been passed, we should be silent? We can’t speak about the familly in this country”?

“Because the law has been passed, we can’t express our convictions about what values we should pass to our children? No, I’m not like that,” said Vice President of the rightist UMP party Laurent Wauquiez.

Sunday’s demonstration saw three separate protests converge at Les Invalides in central Paris. A fourth was organised by Catholic group Civitas.

“We are here to defend marriage because we believe a child needs a father and a mother to grow up. This is important so that they develop normally,” said a young protester called Amelie.

“We were not heard, so we will come back as many times as necessary,”

France will see its first gay wedding when two activists tie the knot in Montpelier on Wednesday.

France is the 14th country to have legalised same-sex marriages.

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Privacy Now! – Stop Lobby War on new EU Privacy Law!

EU citizens enjoy a fundamental right to data protection. The EU Commission has now proposed a new law that would replace the existing 27 data protection laws in the Member States which regulate data privacy online and offline. The new law is intended to update the current EU directive from 1995 which is said to be outdated given the rapid developments of the past 20 years. While the core of the old law is kept, there shall be additional rights for users, less bureaucracy for businesses and heavy fines of up to 2% of a company’s turnover.

The proposed law is now before the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Both bodies have to agree on a final version of the law. In the European Parliament we are represented through “Members of the European Parliament” (MEPs), which can be contacted by any concerned citizen. The lead committee in the European Parliament (“LIBE”) is having its final vote on the law on 29 May 2013. Currently more than 3.100 changes are proposed. The Council represents the 27 Member States through their National Governments, you can always let them know what you think.

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Iceland’s Leader Slams Gordon Brown Over Crisis

The president of Iceland says that his nation will never forgive Gordon Brown after it was hit with financial sanctions. The President of Iceland has launched an extraordinary verbal attack on Gordon Brown on the fringes of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the country’s longest-serving president,said that his country would “never forget” its treatment during the financial crisis at the hands of the former British prime minister. During the financial crisis, following the collapse of Icelandic bank Icesave and Iceland’s refusal to refund UK deposits, Britain took the rare step of imposing financial sanctions on the country.

Mr Grimsson said: “The Gordon Brown government decided, to its eternal shame, to put the Icelandic government on a list of terrorist states and terrorist phenomena. We were there together with al Qaeda and the Taliban on that list. “We have not forgotten that in Iceland.”

“Gordon Brown will be long remembered in my country for centuries to come, long after he has been completely forgotten in Britain.”

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Nigel Farage about EU muppet’s fanaticism

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage provided a much-needed dose of reality to the peculiar pontifications of Barroso’s state of the union speech. Concerned at the fanaticism of Europe’s ever more concentrated power-base, summed up by his interpretation of Barroso’s call for a federal union of states: “while the nation state should continue to exist, it mustn’t have any democratic power”..

Nigel Farage goes on to deride Mario Draghi’s unlimited money bazooka – though we suspect Farage’s belief that “money doesn’t grow on trees” will soon come into question day after day..

Super Mario as much as implied that he “will fight to the last German taxpayer to keep the Mediterranean countries, that should never have been in the Euro, in there,” but for a sense of just how ludicrous things are becoming in the EU, this clip is important as he reminds us of Monti’s (monstrous Mario) recent statement that “nation-state democracy will bring down the European Union”..
Farage fears this rumbling facade over a crisis could go on for a decade, we can only hope not – one way or another…

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Massive protest begun across whole Europe – Rome, Berlin, London

Protesters nicknamed “the indignant” marched in major European cities Saturday as demonstrations against corruption, capitalism and austerity measures went global. The “Occupy Wall Street” protests that began in Canada and spread to cities across the U.S. moved Saturday to Asia and Europe, linking up with anti-austerity demonstrations that have raged across the debt-ridden continent for months.

In Rome, police were out in force in Rome as some 100-thousand protesters were expected a day after Premier Silvio Berlusconi barely survived a confidence vote. Italy, with a national debt ratio second only to Greece in the 17-nation eurozone, is rapidly becoming a focus of concern in Europe’s debt crisis.

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