Second global day of protest against Monsanto over GM food

Published on 13 Oct 2013
The second day of global protests against the American biotechnology giant Monsanto has taken place in several cities around the world.

In Berlin several hundred people turned out to demonstrate against genetically modified food crops and denounce Monsanto’s agricultural and business practices.

The company is the world leader in genetically modified seeds.

Its GM crops and agri-chemicals are widely used in other parts of the world but Monsanto has found it much harder to gain a foothold in Europe.

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Delivery of Monsanto’s Minions Awards

Published on 10 Oct 2013
Activists posing as biotechnology industry lobbyists and processed food industry insiders are on Capitol Hill today delivering “Monsanto’s Minions Awards” to the members of Congress who have worked the hardest to keep their constituents in the dark about the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in America’s food supply.

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At this point in history, we have the unique opportunity to reclaim our food supply from biotech juggernauts like Monsanto. We have the ability to remove the mutated GMO garbage from our dinner tables, and demand that activism turn into anti-Monsanto legislation. This is the goal of the Monsanto Video Revolution.

The March Against Monsanto that occurred in May of this year was a major success, but the fight does not end with an activist march. In an effort to generate even more awareness across the globe, the largest players in the natural health field are coming together to push this Monsanto Video Revolt into hyper space. Together, they are joining forces and asking YOU to help even further on July 24th, 2013, in the Monsanto Video Revolt.

The March Against Monsanto event was an amazing step in bringing forth awareness, but we’d like to implement an even simpler way to tell the world how Monsanto and GMOs are devastating the globe. Anyone can participate with ease and in the comfort of their own home; all you need is a webcam, phone, or video camera.

Step 1 – Create a video of any length detailing why you stand against Monsanto and GMOs at large. The video can be as long as you want – it’s your choice.
Step 2 – Upload your video to major video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, LiveLeak, DailyMotion, NaturalNews.TV (where it will not be censored), etc.).
Step 3 – Spread the word about Monsanto and be the final stake in their vampire heart. Share your video any way possible, through Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform you can think of.
Now more than ever, it’s important to throw out Monsanto and politicians working for this corporation out of the nation (and out the international food supply).

Despite numerous peer-reviewed studies linking Monsanto’s GMOs with adverse health effects like cancerous tumors, infertility, and severe stomach inflammation, GMOs continue to plague the food supply. What’s more, those in power at the USDA and FDA couldn’t care less about the destruction of GMOs. Let alone the labeling of GMOs so that consumers can make a decision for themselves. President Obama has even signed into law the Monsanto Protection Act, which protects Monsanto and its genetically modified creations from federal courts.

The March Against Monsanto was the beginning of the end of Monsanto. Millions of people worldwide helped the event move with excellency, generating mass awareness to the general public in major cities. But we must keep fighting. The Monsanto Video Revolt will reach tens of millions of people worldwide as anti-Monsanto videos blast their way into the mainstream news through settings trends and flooding the video streams of the major video websites.

People who have never heard of Monsanto will learn something new, and those who don’t know what to think of Monsanto and GMOs will begin to realize the depth of the situation we face.

On July 24th, it will be time to unleash your video with millions of others to ignite everlasting change. Remember to share this event and information with everyone you know so that we can spark a permanent shift in the way we eat, live, and know.

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We Feed the World

Every day in Vienna the amount of unsold bread sent back to be disposed of is enough to supply Austria’s second-largest city, Graz. Around 350,000 hectares of agricultural land, above all in Latin America, are dedicated to the cultivation of soybeans to feed Austria’s livestock while one quarter of the local population starves. Every European eats ten kilograms a year of artificially irrigated greenhouse vegetables from southern Spain, with water shortages the result.

WE FEED THE WORLD is a film about food and globalisation, fishermen and farmers, long-distance lorry drivers and high-powered corporate executives, the flow of goods and cash flow–a film about scarcity amid plenty. With its unforgettable images, the film provides insight into the production of our food and answers the question what world hunger has to do with us .

Interviewed are not only fishermen, farmers, agronomists, biologists and the UN’s Jean Ziegler, but also the director of production at Pioneer, the world’s largest seed company, as well as Peter Brabeck, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé International, the largest food company in the world.

Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck speaking about the company, genetically modified food and the politically “extreme” idea of free drinking water. Again reality unfortunately triumphs over fiction. From the documentary “We feed the world” by Erwin Wagenhofer.

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Whole Foods Exposed By Organic Spies

YouTube has banned an undercover investigation documenting Whole Foods sale of genetically modified products while employees claim they sell no GMOs.

An investigative report documenting Whole Foods lying to the public about the sale of genetically modified foods has been BANNED from YouTube for no other reason that blatant censorship of the truth.