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Police Undercover Snatch Squad or Agents Provocateur

Wide angle video shot in the kettle at London Wall / Moorgate at the end of the march.

Video catches two plain clothed guys have a brief word with uniformed officers before staming into the crowd, barging into a young guy, spinning him around, lashing out at him, then as uniform approach they flash a warrant card behind their back. The uniformed officer turns away, the 2 guys escape into the crowd.

The crowd shouts “agent provovacteur” and points as they make their way pushing through..

Briefly the video loses them, but in the final section we see 2 plain clothed guys helped over police barriers by uniformed officers and they join 6 other officers detaining one young guy. 2 of the 6 already present are the ones we originally saw causing trouble.

Snatch squads, or a bit more than that? Agents Provocateur?

Thank you noshockdoc for the video.

Massive protest begun across whole Europe – Rome, Berlin, London

Protesters nicknamed “the indignant” marched in major European cities Saturday as demonstrations against corruption, capitalism and austerity measures went global. The “Occupy Wall Street” protests that began in Canada and spread to cities across the U.S. moved Saturday to Asia and Europe, linking up with anti-austerity demonstrations that have raged across the debt-ridden continent for months.

In Rome, police were out in force in Rome as some 100-thousand protesters were expected a day after Premier Silvio Berlusconi barely survived a confidence vote. Italy, with a national debt ratio second only to Greece in the 17-nation eurozone, is rapidly becoming a focus of concern in Europe’s debt crisis.

Thank you RussiaToday for the video.