Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand, is a documentary short that focuses on two distinct ideologies Conservatism and Liberalism and the political, social, economic issues that face our country in the upcoming 2012 election. The goal is to present both views in an unbiased manor and inform viewers about the issues affecting them today so they can become engage in the voting process. Included in the film are interviews with Occupy Boston and the Greater Boston Tea Party members, two Occupy Boston protests and the Greater Boston Tea Party rally to repeal Obamacare.

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Occupy News Network – live from outside Ecuadorian embassy London

We bring you news of activism and events happening alongside Occupy London. Constantly growing as we gain more citizen journalists, we bring you the news the corporate controlled press do not cover.

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From camcorders, smart phones to Laptops, we provide most of our own equipment, but due to constant use, and occasional breakage, especially during demonstrations, we urgently need your assistance.
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We believe alternative forms of media are vital in a world, which is dominated by state, and corporate controlled media.

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We collaborate with citizen journalists, and seasoned professionals, who wish to use our platform to distribute their stories. We rely on our viewers, who see the value of our work, to contribute in its continuance.

What we do?
We maintain, update, and promote occupynewsnetwork.co.uk. We look to form meaningful relationships with those who contribute. We use as many mediums as practicable to ensure that stories have an impact.

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Occupy Bohemian Grove

In the US, Occupy protesters have descended on a quiet California redwood retreat – where some of the world’s elite gather every year. Demonstrators say the two weeks, officially portrayed as a time of rest and relaxation, is really a chance to discuss plans for the world’s future. RT’s Abby Martin at Bohemian Grove to see what triggers those rumours and growing protests.

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Police captain Ray Lewis support OWS

The Occupy Wall Street movement was created to combat corporate power but has since evolved. Police brutality took center stage when New York City police officers pepper-sprayed peaceful protesters, and since then a retired Philadelphia police captain has come forth to bridge the gap between protesters and law enforcement. Ray Lewis is in the process of potentially being stripped of his union benefits for protesting in his uniform, and he joins us with more on why he feels that it is necessary for him to speak out.

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Re-Occupy Wall Street

Protesters are back in New York’s Zuccotti Park – the symbolic birthplace of the Anti-Wall street movement where it all started almost four months ago. Barricades have been in place since mid-November when the occupiers were evicted in a night raid by police. But now that the barriers are gone the protesters are determined to stay.

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