Students protests in Sofia

Published on 13 Nov 2013
Bulgarian police say they have made around 50 arrests in the wake of anti-government protests outside parliament in Sofia.

The demonstrations continued on Wednesday, the day after clashes between police and students trying to blockade the building.

Four people were hurt and more than 20 detained in Tuesday’s confrontation.

Protesters want to oust the Socialist-backed technocrat government, claiming it has corrupt ties with business.

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Clashes with police in Bahrain continue

Published on 16 Jul 2013
Opposition groups in Bahrain have called on the government to allow a major demonstration calling for greater freedoms, which is planned for next month. The Gulf state’s been seeing violence for more than two years now, with thousands of anti-regime protesters clashing with police on a daily basis. Let’s go to Saeed al-Shehabi – London-based activist from the Bahrain Freedom Movement.

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Violent clashes in Chile

Published on 14 Jun 2013
In Chile, thousands of students angered at rising education costs, clashed with police in the capital, who responded with tear gas and water cannons. The students had flooded the streets for a peaceful march, still wearing their uniforms and backpacks, before it then turned violent. At least 40 were arrested. The students oppose the fact they have to pay 75% of the cost of their own educations – one of the highest rates in the world.

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Quebec rally protests police brutality

The police started making arrests before the protest in even started. Around 500 people came out to the 17th annual anti-police brutality march in downtown Montreal, people who say police brutality happens all too often in the city, and that the officers are not held accountable for their actions.

Police used horses, pepper-spray and kettling tactics to disperse the crowd. Because of municipal laws, requiring itineraries for such events, the march was deemed illegal from the start, But protesters say they did nothing wrong.

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Valencia police and students clash over education cuts

Thousands of students and parents gathered in Valencia yesterday to protest against budget cuts in education and violence with which the police dispersed another rally on the eve of students.

Clashes erupted between police and students Monday during a demonstration in this city, where they multiply protests against budget cuts affecting education and the problems of defaults that deprive some schools of heating after the regional government, short liquidity, not pay the bills.

The incidents, which caused several injuries, lasted until late at night. There were 25 people arrested.

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