The Syrian Diary

The Syrian Diary Russian Documentary from TV Rossiya 24

not for shock purposes, just for documenting FSA mercenaries war crimes in Syria against the Syrian people. If you are a minor or mentally unstable, please do not watch. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Thanks Erik Yassin for the video

Battle For Syria: View from the front line

War has been raging in Syria for a year and a half. An endless series of special operations, victories and retreats, a struggle between government forces and an armed opposition that takes place both with weapons on the ground and on the TV screen.

Even seemingly unimportant local battles are being discussed far abroad because the result of this war will impact not only the future of Syria. The situation here is splitting the world in half. This undoubtedly is another internal conflict with global consequences.

Our film crew has spent 2 months on the frontline with the soldiers of Syrian army and civilians trying to answer these hard questions:
Who is the Syrian army fighting?
What is the armed opposition fighting for?
And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict?

This film was made in field conditions to better tell the story of what’s happening here.

Thanks BitnikGr for the video

Badly “supported” Syrian revolution

Terrorists Thaer Salah Saifuddin and Mahmoud Hussein al-Maleh confessed that they were part of an armed terrorist group that opened fire on demonstrators and committed robbery, murder and theft in Madaya, Damascus Countryside.

In confessions broadcast on Friday evening by the Syrian TV, terrorist Saifuddin said that the weapons were brought to them from Lebanon and that a London resident, Anas al-Abdeh, is the person who was paying for these weapons.

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