Protest in Madrid support Basques from ETA

Published on 27 Oct 2013
Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Madrid to protest against the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights which ordered Spain to release a member of the Basque separatist group ETA. It also bans the government from extending prison terms for numerous ETA members.

People from of the Association of the Victims of Terrorism mixed with representatives of Mariano Rajoy’s ruling People’s Party.

“I was a victim of terrorism and the death of a family member now means nothing. I’m here to protest against the politicians Zapatero and Rubalba the biggest traitors in the history of Spain,” explained one of the demonstrators.

Many of the protesters believe Spain should not have bowed to the Strasbourg court’s ruling which Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called “unfair”.

They fear many more ETA prisoners will be set free. Fifty one have filed applications to be released.

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We are the terrorists

What price Freedom? WE must take up Arms in Defense of the Innocent. This Evil Cabal, which includes DC, intends to destroy you, me and everything beautiful and sacred thing left on this planet! If you think that the 2012 election is the answer then, you are still completely asleep. If you think that your world will continue on in tranquility, you are deluded. Please, please Wake-Up, please! Time is very short.u!

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Battle For Syria: View from the front line

War has been raging in Syria for a year and a half. An endless series of special operations, victories and retreats, a struggle between government forces and an armed opposition that takes place both with weapons on the ground and on the TV screen.

Even seemingly unimportant local battles are being discussed far abroad because the result of this war will impact not only the future of Syria. The situation here is splitting the world in half. This undoubtedly is another internal conflict with global consequences.

Our film crew has spent 2 months on the frontline with the soldiers of Syrian army and civilians trying to answer these hard questions:
Who is the Syrian army fighting?
What is the armed opposition fighting for?
And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict?

This film was made in field conditions to better tell the story of what’s happening here.

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Hosting Terrorists to Operate against Syria Violates Turkey’s Constitution

Turkish citizens and observers condemned the involvement of the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in targeting Syria through harboring terrorists who are infiltrating into the Syrian territories, which has been clearly exposed by the recent operation by the Syrian authorities in which they foiled an infiltration attempt of the kind.

They said that article 90 of the Turkish Constitution provides for prosecuting those who seek to change a political system by force with the punishment of high treason, wondering how Turkey supports those who committed treason.

On the other hand, a number of Turkish observers saw in the policy of the Development and Justice Party government a pursuit towards fragmenting the region according to U.S. agendas and dominating it through ready-made governments to break any stances or forces against Israel or the US.

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