How to face of global media propaganda

This demonstration took place today (April 21, 2013) in Paris, France, next to Radio France in support of Syria in the face of global media propaganda about the reality of the conflict.

Syrians are facing attacks in their own homeland from international and domestic terrorists, but the global media has been portraying the crisis as a purely popular uprising met with governmental crackdown. Despite the economic sanctions and false propaganda, Syrians persist in resisting, and the Syrian community in France did its share to tell the world that it does not accept the lies and terror waged against Syria. Dialogue among Syrians is the only way forward.

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You did it again, Charlie

Police and Army Delete Files & Force This Video Off YouTube

There was a massive Army event at Swinton Town Hall yesterday. I went along to film the madness; they had face-painting and big cartoon characters next to toddlers being shown how to load assault rifles. Very quickly the private security were upon me and I interviewed a Salford City Council woman who felt uncomfortable about all the guns and children. The parents called the Police, saying I was filming their children, that I was evil. The Police detained me for 30 minutes and having reviewed my footage, found that OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t filming kids – so they wanted to fuck me another way – despite my protests – they said that unless I deleted the footage of the Army, I would be arrested. They said filming Army in a public place is agains the law. I said, WHAT LAW? – no answer. I feel raped on all sides, humiliated. I felt like a black man in apartheid South Africa – even the Police Sargeant “You’re not from around here, are you?” & “Things are a bit different in Salford, son”.

Yeah, I understand you Charlie, I saw similar stuff during Wimbledon just few month ago

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Kony 2012 mania – new war drums beating again

Christopher explains in detail why the recently released short film Kony 2012 is nothing more than a powerful scam to promote war.

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The girl from Uganda about misleading video Kony 2012

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Alex Jones about the system using foundation controlled left to promote invasion of Africa.

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